Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Motivation 0.01

Hi everyone. So today, I really run out of idea what should I write. Tapi,I just simply right about things that every each of us had to face. Okay so, its normal,when youre doing something, of course when you do that things, you will expect it will reward your back right.

But,how do you feel,if you did something,then you found that,you earned nothing? How does it feel? If I in that situation,of course la I akan rasa damn, and once again rasa tak bersemangat lagi to do that things. Then,mula laa terdetik dalam hati " why I did this things? I shouldn't do this things. Its useless, its ruining my life" yeay,thats the things yang I akan fikir.

Then suddenly,something cross my mind " ive gone too far,and I felt like want to quit now? What the hell? Youre wasting all your time before if you wish to quit now. For god sake! Rethink back!" So,then only, I will try to find a courage in me,I will find a piece of me that missing because as I know,im not a type of person yang akan cepat give up. So,once I found my courage, then only, I akan consider balik!

Ya,thats me. So everyone ada cara masing2 kan. Itulah cara I. Ahaaa. So as a conclusion,once kalau you rasa you nak give up, fikir balik,fikir balik, how many times you wasted your time for thay? How many times you commit on that things and you have to let go on others things. So,thats all from me. There would be more from me after this. So Assalamualaikum and xoxo!!

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