Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Me and my ♥ oned

So,frankly speak I tak tahu nak tulis apa! Suddenly masa tengah belek gallery,I saw her pitcure. Then I was thinking, "what if I wrote about her?" Then the other side of me pun bercakap "tak takut ke kalau syahmi reject your writing?"

Then I reply back " Rileks laa. I was talking about someone that I love. I mean semua orang experienced apa yang I rasa! Plus,syahmi said,we can write anything what we want,and what we feel"
The other side of me then asking "ok,then what you want to write about?" I was thinking, "maybe about how we met? Ya, actually I met her dekat Matriks. And shes the first one yang approach I, I mean siapa jee yang tak suka bila orang yang cantik, pandai,sama tinggi lagi dengan I(advantages untuk I) approach kita. Moreover, dia dari SIGS and I dari EC. its really perfect!"

Then, the other side of me tanya lagi "omg,dont you find it is so cliché? I mean its a normal things yang mungkin semua orang face it?." I reply back "I haven't tell fully about how I met her act -_-'. Ok,so masa nak keluar kuliah,suddenly got this one girls tersenyum-senyun. So tak nak dialabelkan sombong I senyum la.

Then I balik bilik. Biasalah, life pelajar,apa lagi FB je laa. Im so surprised sebab dia add dekat FB. So, I approved. So since, I ah kenal dia, we start our conversation. Ya,casual things tanya tengah buat apa, dah makan. Then I dont know which part,she wants to borrow my tutorial. So,dipendekkan cerita,we met, and start that time,we be more closer and more closer. Then,one day. . . .

To be continued

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