Sunday, March 9, 2014

How To Be Picture Perfect?

Love uploading selfies on your social media pages? You’re not alone! But make sure your photos stand out. Try these amazing tips on how to look great in each shot.

1)     Hold your camera or phone steady.
      If you don’t have a steady hand, try a tripod or place it on a steady object.
2)    Be comfortable, confident and happy.
      You don’t want to appear awkward in your selfie so relax when taking the shot.

3)   Remember to smize.
      Before you snap a picture, think of something nice like a delicious dessert or a wonderful memory. This         will give you a twinkle in your eye.

 4)  Make it eye level.
      To avoid looking small, don’t hold the camera above your head when snapping.
5)    Get rid of double chin.
     Look up towards the ceiling to stretch out the muscles under your chin. Then, bring your head down 
     over your shoulder and look straight into the camera.
6)   Slim those arms.
     Don’t cross your arms as it’ll make them look massive (unless you want to show of your
     biceps/muscles!). Try a hand-on-your-hip pose for a flattering figure instead.
7)   Break bad habits.
     Duck faces are cute once but don’t make it a habit! Same goes to sparrow faces as well!

Getting some make-up

Aside from the right poses,Using the right make-up can enhance the way you look in your selfies. Use a high-definition foundation to hide imperfections.
Hide dark circles with a concealer. Apply blush on the apples of your cheekbones and jawline for a better contour so your face doesn’t look flat in photos.
Keep oil blotters handy to dab away potential shine.

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