Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So,today i would like to talk about MH370. So as everyone know, what exactly happend to the flight. So, i just want to say,today, you won't read a long articles from me. Just want to share and express about how i felt when i heard the news regarding this matter.

Once i read the news,without any sign,my my eyes mula bergenang air mata. I was thinking what will happened to their family? I mean after a long waited,then suddenly what you heard is a bad news. How does the family felt? Or i mean the one who closer with the passenger of MH370. Maybe they cant did their routine as usual? Thats why i started to cry. And of course all of ua read the news, "seorang bapa pengsan apabila mendengar perkhabaran daripada PM Najib" thats the most sad!!

Then,ada pulaa wartawan yang langsung tak sensitif tried to interview those people, i mean keluarga si mangsa!! Oh my god! For god sake,you lost your loved ones and u expect they will tell you every single things about how they felt!! Please media!! Reconsider!! Give them a space to calm theirself. And ya,once they calm,then you can continue your job.

So lastly,as a summarized, marilah sama-sama kita mendoakan kebahagiaan penumpang-penumpang pesawat MH370 agar keadaan mereka berada di dalam keadaan yang baik di mana sahaja mereka berada. Al fatihah.

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