Saturday, March 22, 2014

Flying Away & Flying Back

Hi people! It has been for 25 days since the last time MH370 was last seen in KLIA before it departure on 8th March to Beijing. Until now, there is no sign of the aircraft landed anywhere but of course, a few headlines on news claim that the aircraft is nearby the southern Indian Ocean, not landed, somehow believed to be found in the ocean itself. There are so many speculations are told by the news and the people but the Malaysian government are still considering the news and updates before they announce the real position of the aircraft. It is not an easy work to do, maintaining the country’s safety, carrying the administration job, attending meetings after meetings and now the MH370 issue.
Check my last post about Airplane in my blog  What a coincident; I posted a post about Airplane more or less than a month before MH370 went missing. Hmmm..
Keep praying alright! Imagine what you would feel if your family is on the flight. Pray for their return and for their safety. All that I have to say is, please be considerate. Don't make things become worse by spreading speculations and wrong information about the aircraft. It's amazing how suddenly everybody around the world are so concern about what had happened to the airplane that belongs to Malaysian Airlines. I feel so grateful and touched by the little notes they wrote, banners, flyers and images about MH370. If I were to own an airline company one day, the risks are infinite. These moral supports are exactly what I will need if it happens to the airline. Keep praying people. It only takes a few minutes and a little energy from you to raise your hands and say a little prayer. 


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