Monday, March 24, 2014

History Geek with Aishah

So how are you? I hope you’re fine cause I am absolutely not fine. Oh well, some issues here and there stressful schedule and fragile emotions. Oh well that sums it all.

Okay enough about me, let us talk about something that make more sense.

So as you know, there’s a new unofficial slot in UMalaya Radio called ‘ History Geek ‘ . it’s a new innovation creation from my own mastermind * cheh * that aims to introduce well knows cities around the globe to the students of University Malaya. Despite the name that associates it to being a geek in history, I talked about all sort of things other than just the history of a city.

Being a wanderlust myself, I am always excited to know something and something about a new city or just to know what else is there in a well-known city. So far, I’ve talked about New York, Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. That, I will explain more individually in the city in other blog post.

So do you ever explore other cities other than the one you are living in? Do you have a place in mind you have always wanted to go? Have you seen a movie set in a very interesting place that makes you eager to just go in one of the alleys and play the part of the so-called heroin.

So here’s a chance for you to have all that. Just let me know which city you want to explore and InsyaAllah I will do just that!

Tweet me up at @eyeshakazman or let me know via these hashtags , #HistoryGeek #UMalayaRadio if you have any suggestions. 
Additional information about a certain cities are also more than welcome!

Alright people, join me in History Geek every Saturday 7pm-8pm. Mark the date people!

Till then,
Love, Aishah.

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