Friday, March 28, 2014

A Weirdo?

    I got a friend who was assumed weird. Lets call him A. This guy has a story behind him. A story about determination, struggle and hope. It all started when he was 5. As asthma patient, he longed to eat certain fruits like rambutans and jackfruit. Poor guy, he can only drool for it.In same year, his cousin frightened the $%*& out of him that he became a stammer. Unable to speak fluently in any language, he became shy and quiet. He was weak in academics too. In preschool years, he failed in maths and never scored an 'A' in his life and that made him a joker among his family and society. His mom suffered the most. Criticized for having a weak,stammer and academic underperformer child as her son.

    She made up her mind. She wanted to see her son to be better. His dad meanwhile a kind of pessimistic. She decided to lay a hand on his stammer and studies first. For stammer, she made a speech therapy herself and make her son to watch English and Malay cartoons and shows which uses normal language like news, Keluang Man, Power Ranges and Phonics (study on English pronunciation), flash cards. For studies, she used reward system. You did a great job, you can watch tv. Dinner at 7 and in bed by 9. That strict and tight regime enforced for months. Within a year, he got 'Best Student Award' and 'First Position in Class Award'. He also sung in choir without any flaw in pronunciation. Who is awesome here? My pal or his mom?

    However, a new dilemma rose. His mom was diagnosed with asthma and diabetes. He was broken apart. He was 7.Losing self esteem as his mom at hospital, he became a bully victim in a sudden. I can do nothing as his pal. The bullies were so tough. His father look after him but its not enough. It persists until he was 10. As his family moved and mom was pregnant he had a problem in suiting himself in new environment. The neighborhood stinked in terms of morale. The climax, he was beaten at school and his dad enrolled him into Taekwondo class. After 7 months, he broke his bullies' nose literally. He also started to practice yoga. He witnessed the financial pain in his family too. By lying to his parents that he got extra class,he sold bottled mineral water then marching accessories then marching + sports attires. He can make up to RM 2K monthly. He supported his mom's medical expenses from that. He stopped using his parents money since he was 13.

    He offended the school's rules. Ironically, he became a prefect on the next year. He scored all 'As' in his UPSR. He also won public speaking in state. What do you think about his transformation within 7 years. When he was studying secondary school, he joined Police Cadet. Many thought, his asthma will KILL HIM. The thing is, he cured his asthma using DIET and YOGA. It took him 9 years. He excelled in his secondary school's life too. When he finished his SPM with straight As; pure science stream,aced science presentation in state level, the vice head prefect, President of Maths and Science, Cadet Corporal in Police Cadet, won medals in athletics and cross country and has black belt in  Taekwondo. Entering Matriculation College he procured 4 flat, gold medal in marching at National Level as National Cadet Union (PKBM) member like Army Cadet, sort of and members in several committees there like JAKTI and fasilitators for maths and business subjects.

     So, what you think about him? Some say he is a weirdo.From what I know, he earned those, proving those around him that they are wrong. Its up to you. 

F.Y.I. ; The guy; 'A' whom my friend is actually myself...
Thanks for spending your time reading this.

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