Tuesday, March 4, 2014

GERAM . . .

well, yang ini it's just a confession what I felt right now. Maybe, Im a liltle bit slower,
lambat pick up,nampak sengal. But do care about my feeling. Bukan I minta to be like this,its just that a part of me yang memang sebati dengan I!

Ok,Bila you nak cakap dengan I, there's a way to talk to me. Dont show your stupid dumb ass on how you feel about me in front of others, i ada perasaan!! Im just a human kot. yang tahu penat. Not a robot that can be energetic all the time.

And one more things, dont expect too much from me. dont cross the fucking limits! once you crossed the line,an unexpected things can happen anytime. I can be rude more than you think. When im being rude, you will not dare to talk to me!!

So I rasa,thats all kot yang I nak confess sebab memang I dah tak boleh pendam! So just respect me, once you respect I,I will respect you back. Ok, that would be more from me after this. So,xoxo.

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