Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Greatest Teacher...?

Having policies against this life deliberately lands miserable scenarios.
    Lessons do come through many things.Ironically, we only learn about certain things though we usually see it. In my life, it was taught by my ball. I used to play with this blue ball of mine. I kicked it hard.So hard that the ball flew from my sight. When I was looking for it in a park, I saw a woman with my ball underneath her jacket. I asked my ball,of course. Then and there I learned about pregnancy; and I was 9. Although I always pass by pregnant ladies, I never had a thought to ponder on hows and whys of their big bellies. Since that awkward incident, I felt that I'm surrounded by them. On certain point of our life, we will be ready to learn and know something. Before that, we don't give any attention to it though it occurred multiple times. True?

    In some point of our life, we tend to go through a series of catastrophe. Face it, we will learn something ONLY when we got knocked down. Another thing, we LOVE SAFE ZONE and RIGIDITY. When we study hard? -only when we almost fail. When we work out? Only when the doctor says, " You have diabetes..." As long we didn't get the CATASTROPHE, we will be on the rocking chair comfortably  (Until a rock hit us, of course). When problems hugs a happy human, he asks, what should I do now? Rather than "Why this always happen to me?" then, they jump from the bridge.

    Susan was dumped by her boyfriend. Her heart broke to pieces and grounds herself for a week. She calls her old friend and move to somewhere else. She works at a new place and procured serenity within 6 months. Recalling the event series, she noticed that got dumped was a blessing in disguise. Ted got fired. He made a substantial loan and runs his own business. A cupcake cottage. For the first time in his life, he becomes the boss of his own. He might face financial problems, called names like 'softie', a cup cake thrown to his face for its taste but still, he has the passion to do it as cup cake is his passion.

    Do you notice something? A pregnant woman got shot. Kind hearted man killed by muggers. Whole villages got ruined in environmental disaster. Why these happen? Do you notice that, only certain problems affects particular people. John got fired almost every six months. Louise always get food poison. John never get food poison and Louise have great employment record. How about you?

    When we face a CONTINUOUS PARTICULAR problem, that means you ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE LESSON YOU NEED TO LEARN. You can't run from it. Let's say you are a chronic spender. You had a large debt and you run to Argentina. You continued that habit and become Argentina's next top accounts receivable model. Wanna run again? Hence, AS LONG YOU DON'T CHANGE, THE SAME PROBLEM COMES AFTER YOU.

    The point here,WE ARE HERE TO LEARN AND THE MOTHER EARTH IS THE BEST TEACHER.When we fail in a lesson, we have to retake it. AS SOON WE UNDERSTAND THE LESSON, WE WILL MOVE TO THE NEXT LESSON. Good luck with your life,then. Keep in mind, your world is how you see and judge.




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