Tuesday, February 18, 2014



Since i'll be posting some entries here every week, so i think i should make myself known to all. Le me is EL and im apart of the UMalaya Radio's management team. Im a girl and...thats all.. Haha XD..

So this is my first post and i already introduced myself, shall we start? 

Different person has different personality with different feeling.

Sometimes we found someone that have the similar personality and it feels like having a twin, sometimes we found someone whom the opposite of us that somehow we feel like arguing all the times. But this is life. We, human is like a piece of puzzle with different sizes and shapes but in the end fit together to ensemble a picture. 

One personality depends on oneself.
Be yourself, IGNORE those who HATE you, SMILE and start living LIFE.

Always be positive, believe in yourself and have faith in your so called friends. Forgive those who made your life miserable, forget all the misfortunes cast upon you. Head up, put on a smile and start living. Enjoy your life and make it memorable. Paint your own canvas of life and erase those hideous faces that always trying to pull you down.

·         There are people that HATES you all their guts BUT there are still lots of people that LOVE you for who you are.
·         There will be people trying to BRING you DOWN BUT there are always those whom you called FRIEND that will always LIFT you UP.
·         Be the one to give out SMILE to others and BRIGHTEN their day NOT the one whom FROWN at every person and make their day DULL.
·         Be the GREEN,ORANGE,YELLOW or ANY BRIGHT COLOUR in other's life not the GREY&BLACK that makes their life COLOURLESS.

#Pardon me for my bad english especially grammar. :)

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