Monday, February 17, 2014

Infamous student's dilemma.

      From the title above, perhaps some of you guess that I'm going to emphasize on stress management or maybe studying technique and  blah, blah, blah...Lucky you (not for everyone, I suppose) I'm not such mediocre student. I love to share REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE; which I went through and this includes those who I know. So, what's today? It's something that majority of you gone through (Especially for those who condemned as low academic achievers).
    I was at form four. I passed P.M.R (with flying colors, eh em...) which delivered me something I REGRETTED. My teacher, let's call her Mrs. H . She forced me to enroll myself into pure science stream class. Imagine, PURE! Since I dislike science, it was a hell on earth for me. Taking physics, chemistry, you name it. For a lad addicted to 'Pawn Stars' and 'Bloopers' this is a long call. By hook or crook, I need to pass the exams at least. Ploughing everything, I scored straight A's (not A+'s, OK...) fortunately..
    My first days were absurd and made me gone like Dr. Hannibal Lecter (almost). I tried to watch Discovery Science and nothing happened. That's not all, most of my class mates who assumed themselves 'Brainy' considered the others as under dogs (for God's sake).Making friends among their course mates and kept boasting around. Isn't that disgusting? Hence, this furious attitude lead to colossal qualitative... (just joking.There's no way I'm gonna use those academic jargon). To sum up, there is a large gap and cleavage among the students in my batch. While some are divided by race and others, these imbeciles were separated by different streams of education. Should it happen? These are the posterity which gonna shape our country in no time (into demise, I guess).
    All in all,  I just hope everything will be all right. May God bless us FROM THEM...What do you think?

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