Monday, February 17, 2014


Greetings Mahasiswa/i University Of Malaya.

Since i will be posting articles in this blog on a regular basis, I thinks it would be great for me to introduce a lil bit of myself here. 

So here it goes,  Hello !!
My name is (cliche)  ...
Aqmal Afiq Bin Shamsul Bahri
Id prefer to be refer as Afiq. Never call me Aqmal.
I was born in Johor Bahru but i've live in Klang for quite sometimes now.
Im going to be 20 this 5th July.
Im a student from the Faculty of Education (Tesl)
Im a former Uitm Kuantan students doing Foundation in Tesl back in 2012/2013.
Im short. Im light. 
What else.
Im terrible at introducing myself. sorry bout that.

I think there is no harm for me to you know share some of my social site/network here.
I tweet a lot. i dont really use facebook. I do have an instagram  but unfortunately, i dont regularly post pictures there.

so lets start.

Facebook :
Instagram : Instagram/aqmlafiq
Twitter : @aqmalafiq

Thats it. like I said earlier im bad at describing myself. See how i end up promoting my social sites? ha ha . . .
I still think this is a good introduction tho. Im much aware by saying this, i am succumbed into the self proclaiming category .... not good, yes?

Make sure to tune in 
or follow :-

Twitter : @UMalayaRadio
Instagram : Instagram/UMalayaRadio

and do check up my weekly posting here. Ill be posting more interesting (self proclaim yet again) articles soon. See yaa

btw, if this were to be an assignment, id fail. notice how i dont really care about all the punctuation and stuff. yeah ~

4 y/o Afiq says hello errbody !!

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