Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reasons WHY you should enjoy your SINGLEHOOD!

    1)  You’re in charge of all your life decisions. You and ONLY yourself!
You have nobody to consider or consult before making a decision. You have the opportunity to put yourself first before anyone and you don’t have to waste your time wondering “what if”. You can do whatever you want and not worry a bit.     

  2)  Not having to put up with anyone.
You won’t be having the need to take care of that someone’s feelings. You won’t have to deal with someone’s character or attitude everyday. Almost every couple does their share of pretending that “it’s all okay” and you don’t have to. How is that bad? J You’ll not be required to care about anyone’s feelings.  
 3) Bye bye mood swings!
This one is something that all those singlehoodies out there should appreciate. You will never be too happy or sad! Those lovey-dovey moments can leave you smiling for no reason while those cold, hateful moments can make you cry for days. But since you’re single, you will never have to worry about that. Nobody has the power to control how you feel and you are more likely to be in a stabile mood all the time. Which is not only good for you, but also those around you.

 4) Getting to watch what YOU want, listen to what YOU want.
     You can watch the sappiest, most unrealistic romantic comedy and no one will judge you or sulk for making them sit through it. You also don’t have to consider that special someone’s taste before choosing a movie to watch or music to listen to. It’s all your wish! :) 

 5) Enjoying your friends.
    Why is it that we always seem to forget about our friends when we get overwhelmed with a hot   new relationship? We act like they’re some kind of weight we’ve been lugging around on our shoulders that, as soon as we find someone perfect to snuggle with on weekend afternoons, we just drop at a moment’s notice. Being single allows you to focus your full attention on the love you have with your friends, so why not take them out on a nice date once in a while?

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for reading yo! Stay pretty & healthy! Big love X

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