Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Frankly speak, I just don’t know what to write because am not so good in writing. However since bonda ask for it, so im just going to write about what I want to, not what people want to. So maybe my first writing, I nak cakap about hari pertama sem ke 2 yang teruk! Ya, it is totally bad! How does it feel bila nak pergi ke kuliah tapi u bukan dalam keadaan bersih? I mean you don’t even take your bath on your first day untuk ke kuliah. Rasa teruk sangat kan! The worst part is bila you cant focus in your class and lecture sebab lalat mengelingi diri. Hello,macam busuk sgt jee!! (ayat2 sedapkan hati). Sebenarnya dekatarea KL(im not sure dekat area mana) paipnya bocor, so kawasan UM adalah salah satu kawasan yang terjejas. Even my first half day mmg worst gila, but ada juga hamba Allah that made my days. Thanks to El!! We didn’t plan anything, suddenly El ajak pergi Starbucks. Ibarat mengantuk disorongkan bantal, I just agreed with her idea. So we went to Mid. Then suddenly, El mention about Vampire Academy, well I had watched the trailer like since Dec last year, of course rasa teruja gila. So we watched movies together. Then after that, I had my Asian Dolce Frapuccino! Omg! Feel like the world is mine! So,the things that I learned no matter how hard you find your days, try search something fun and enjoy, because a liltle happiness can overcome 1001 your problems. Trust me. Okee. That’s all fromme. Xoxo.

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