Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hectic life

Hello errbody

Its been one helluva week for me.
Its only the second week and i am already drained.
i guess there's no use in complaining cause this is what all uni life is all about.
Compared to engineering students or medical students, i have nothing to complain. They're much busier than me. Therefore, all i have to do now is to contain and sustain whatever im doing rn.

At times, i feel so tired i just wanna sleep but most of the time i manage to overwhelmed all this feelings and let it left behind.

At my utmost level of "rajinity" thats what i called it . rajin + ity, I can do any work or complete any work less that the time i casually needed.
But unfortunately, im a lazy person. i like to sleep. eat. sleep. do some futsal. play some computer games. and sleep again.

I should stop being lazy and do something about this.

till then, im going to ZZZzzzzzzzzzz .....

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