Friday, February 28, 2014


this is my first time buat blog and i dont know what the hell am i doing.  no matter what i need to write 2 blog per week and here it goes. for my first blog i think im gonna share with you guys about my previous EMMUDDY CHEM DAY at umang umang chalet melaka. family day for my course. first of all, do u guys pernah tido in a camp? well obviously ramai yg pernah tido camp. but a big NO for me. that is my first time tido in camp. hahahahaha. its kinda fun tido in camp with ur bestfriend, susah senang together. and the most interesting part is that one of the activity kena redah hutan. we are covered with LUMPUR from head to toes. bau sgt sgt but we manage to sampai at the pitstop. that is the most EWWW camp that i ever pergi but the most AWESOME camp that i ever pergi. great job for those yg orgznize the family day. looking forward for the next em family day :) xoxo

say hello to shrek's family :P

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