Thursday, April 10, 2014


“Tick tock tick tock…” 

Time is an abstract thing. It doesn’t exist physically, meaning that we can’t touch it or hold it. Yet, the effects of time are so significant that all of us feel it.

Most of us, if not all of us are always complaining that time is not enough for us. But looking from another perspective, time is just a perception by humans and humans alone. Animals, insects, plants, and inanimate objects don’t even realize the existence of time. For them, it’s just a constant revolution of daylight and moon shine.

So the big question is, is time really not enough for us?

Think in this way, if we too are the same as the rest of the nature, where “time” is not in our perception, would we still achieve all the accomplishments we have had these days? From the smallest stuffs like getting our assignments done to the bigger things like constructing a building to even greater accomplishments like landing of man on the moon; all of these, in my opinion, would not exist if “time” doesn’t exist.

Time – although abstract – plays an extremely important role in human’s society. Without the crazy idea of “time”, we wouldn’t have been able to record historical moments, tell the difference between events that happened separately, determine the reaction rate of certain chemical reactions, yet alone understand the concept of slow cooking.

Again, to emphasize on the importance of time, if we don’t realize that “time” exists, we would just be passing our days like the rest of the nature, aging day by day, only driven by our survival instinct – eat, drink, sleep etc. – walking on this beautiful Earth without any specific purposes.

"YOLO is the new trend." - Jack Low
So, since time is such an asset to us, where do we spent time the most? Did we spend it wisely? Are we taking time for granted?

That question, my friend, you will have to answer it yourself, because by the end of the day, time is only your own perception.

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